The name 'Luciblue' comes from a favorite name & a favorite color. Luci was a name being saved for a child one day. That name mashed up with blue, a dominant color in her creations, and boom: the name of her true 'baby' (her jewelry line!) was born.

Alyssa’s passion has been jewelry making for as long as she can remember. Her first true love and favorite hobbies as a child involved creating. For over two decades that love of art has morphed into the passion-driven sophisticated jewelry line Luciblue. A native of Colorado and as a girly girl now living in the rugged mountains of Telluride Colorado for 20 years, Alyssa’s love of nature as well as all things sparkly is what has shaped her work into the earthy-chic look it is today. Gold, silver, hand molded bronze, glass enamel, concrete as well as raw & semi-precious stones are what come together to make up the inspired pieces of Luciblue Jewelry.  Called by the desire to share her simple, delicate and unique pieces with women everywhere, Luciblue jewelry is perfect for the woman who likes to look as chic and feminine in her T-shirt and jeans as she does in a dress and heels.